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    I'm created this as a resource, a group of "friendlies" that we all can tap into so we don't have to brave the RDR2 Online gameworld alone. This group for players who prefer cooperative, respectful and fun gameplay. For folks who are easy-going and want to TeamUp. :)

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    The open posse of RDR2.org. Anyone feel free to join, PS4 or Xbox One, and roam Red Dead Online with us!

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    Not sure how posses will work yet but this is the club for my posse.

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    Red Dead Redemption II Posse based off my Crew, the Red Dead Online Beta drops next month and we'll be riding the vast open plains together when it does.

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    The "Red Rebel Riders" are a posse of rebels that utilize their time completing missions for "Strangers" while invading "Hideouts". On the side, we desire to fish and hunt for meat and pelts, alongside with robbing wealthy individuals for their wealth. "The Red Rebel Riders have been known to conduct robberies against the rich in order to feed, clothe, and shelter the poor. The locals identify these riders as 'Heroes of the Poor', while the capitalists proclaim that they are 'Terrorists and Thieves'. Overall, their standing with the Law is deemed to be dishonorable, as they breach the Law of the Land in order to ensure that every one is equal."

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    Lone Star Riders is dedicated to developing trader businesses, keeping collector satchels full and hunting down bounties regularly to keep the prairie peaceful and prosperous. We want to help new folks roaming RDO (and others needing a helping hand) be successful, have LOTS of fun, rank up as fast as possible and make LOTS of gold & cash.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          WANTED:   ✔︎ Guys & Gals With a Mic   ✔︎ Bounty Hunting Experience   ✔︎ More Mature Guys & Gals (35+ Preferred)   ✔︎ Guys & Gals who appreciate not using profanity while in the posse.

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    Howdy ev'rbody , The name is more than just an innuendo it also stands for the fact we as a gang will not be saddled( tamed) . We will be free to roam and make our own choices. We are a home for outcasts and misfits. It will be a LGBTQA (ETC) friendly group but mostly for anyone who like to have fun and not be judged who themselves show respect and understand. For the group please contact me. We are looking for 18+ club members just in case the talks leave the G and PG13 area. We have a discord channel (The Stiff One Saloon) where you can talk to other member and post information. I am Urbane Ori ( Urbane meaning of a person, especially a man) suave, courteous, and refined in manner IRL I am a Texan, so I feel really connected to this series. I beat the first Red Dead to 100% on Single player, did not play online too much and cannot wait for the RDR2 because it seems like a combo of Skyrim, Red Dead, and GTA San Andreas. I am a gaymer who plays many MMORPGs such as WOW, FF14, and GW2. Action RPGS lie Destiny and Mass Effect as well as many other games. My friends and I are working on a gang for maximum fun with other people or if they want they can play solo but if they need help the gang has their back. Thank you

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    https://www.rdr2.org/forums/topic/1915-the-scylding-gang/ ==The link will show you more information and also how to join==

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    WE fight to remember Louis H. "The Fixer" Blonger

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    For good guys looking to make an honest dollar. Lots of hunting, fishing, missions, and side quests. Please go here and introduce yourself to the rest of the bunch... https://www.rdr2.org/forums/topic/3470-regulators-recruitment/?tab=comments#comment-25750

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    Outlaws For Life. Been in hiding since March but now reforming and looking for new members to do all new stuff. I’m lvl60 atm and just started Collector. Looking to level up; do story missions, co-op games and generally hoon about.

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    (PS4) Hi I made a posse so people who prefer to play rdr2 grind it out and not piss people off can have a posse with similar minds may have each others back to go fishing, hunting and doing some missions on ps4, i also have a crew on rockstar social club (Irish Rebels ) with 79 members so far feel free to join...

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    Interested in a semi-roleplay experience for Red Dead 2 Online? Me too. Don't get me wrong, I love to do series events, story missions, stranger missions, Challenges (group and solo), Races, basically everything the game has to offer. But I'm looking for something a little more. The Creeds (Posse PS4) is a launch day Dishonorable(Outlaw) Posse in its infant stages looking for Like-minded players for online gameplay. The Creeds are a deepwoods group of outlaws made up mostly of members of the Creed family of Northern Roanoke,NH. Sort of a Mountain-Men style group of Rebels. So far we have 4 true members...Myself (Alyster Creed) the unnoficial leader of sorts, my only son (Al Jr.) and 2 brothers (Easton & Robert Lee Creed). We don't dress fancy or anything like that but we aint broke neither. Grew up doin a whole lot of huntin and fishing and these days you get good money for some skins so we get by just fine. If you think any of the following sounds fun to you, you may be a perfect fit for the family. This is basically a list of things you can already do, but we do in a more role-play/realistic fashion. I say "semi roleplay" because sometimes we just wanna get on and grind out some hunting or something real quick but we play as realistic as possible for the most part. These are just examples of how I enjoy the game but are not a requirement at ALL times. More of an explanation of the types of players we are recruiting. *Riding in packs/formation. *Slow trotting from location to location in groups (not always always but mostly...unless the situation is urgent or youre racing,it doesn't make sense to run your horse to death everywhere you go) *Using realistic control of in-game character (examples include: • walking up to a kill and skinning it. instead of running full speed everywhere you go. • walking speed in towns, • trot speed in major cities. • walk into a saloon with posse members and getting some drinks (throw out any locals) *smoking and drinking/other item use when appropriate( such as lighting a smoke after head-shotting a griefer. *only starting fights when appropriate (gotta know when to fire the 1st shot sometimes) *group fishing trips *group barbeque of fresh kills. after stocking up on fresh kills this is when we sit around the fire and discuss family related business (while cooking up the grub for battles to come) *bare handed beatdowns of any and all who talk smack when we go to town. There's also a few requirements to join also. • you need to know how to play the game, nothing kills a good gaming session than teaching someone how to navigate their own menus. You gotta at least know the basics, no fresh meat. (unless your like unusually cool...then maybe)..lol • you need to be good with a gun, we get into a lotta s**t...which usually requires shooting our way out, if all youre good for is me completing my 1000 revives challenge then I got no use for ya.(other than... the 1000 revives challenge...I guess) • gotta have a red bandana. (been considering switching the posse color since red and black is so typical so this may change but we wanna look somewhat uniform in overall look and style) • Gotta have time to play each day. a least most days. No point in joining if you aint around.

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    At the Jedi Academy, Well, you can come as you are, there ain't no dress code Just some rural route rules that you need to know Don't mess with the bull, he can get real mean Don't forget to shut the gate, stay out of the beans If it starts to rain, we'll just head to the barn Where country boys and girls are getting down on the farm -Tim McGraw

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    A small gang looking to expand and bring peace to the western frontier by any means necessary. "We shoot fellers as need shootin, save fellers as need savin and feed fellers as need feedin". Sometimes good deeds, revenge and dealing out justice seem like honourable tasks, but those tasks often require dishonourable actions. We are self righteous, we are just, and we will do anything to keep our own and those who seek shelter and safety from harm by any means necessary. United or Destroyed. What will you become?

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    This Posse hasn't provided a description.

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    For those who have never heard of us before, we are The Born Brothers. We are not a clan nor are we just a posse, we are a well established brotherhood which originates from a group of people who have known each other for years in real life and Xbox who truly consider each other Brothers. Who have also lead a successful movement in the Red Dead Redemption world during the first game. In Red Dead Redemption 2, you will see us riding together, patrolling the wild lands of the American West. We are a respectful posse led by Native Americans (in game characters). We never shoot at others unless we are shot at first or sense real hostility. We are a skillful gang that never uses auto-aim Helps non-allied players at times. While we are friendly towards others, players who cross or disrespect us will always be met with a relentless justice. Together we: Hunt, Take stranger missions, Do gang hideouts, Occasional posse wars, and many more activities which involve the whole crew. (Meetings, story missions, promotional ceremonies, fight clubs, light role playing, and much more). We are in search of like-minded dedicated players interested in earning a place among our ranks who value Honor, Integrity, skill, and are looking to expand their experience within the Red Dead World beyond what the game has to offer. Go forth in glory and may we see you on Red Dead! Visit us on our Website for more info: thebornbrothers.com

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    Somewhere to chill and enjoy RDO.

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    Join us as we travel Lemoyne and around the country protecting each other and the innocent.

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    Steal your beans

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    The Dodge City Gang is an outlaw posse carrying forward the spirit of the notorious Dodge City Gang in Red Dead Online. In 1879 and early 1880, the Dodge City Gang were a group of Kansas gunfighters and gamblers who dominated the political and economic life of Las Vegas, New Mexico.

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