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  1. I ride, I shoot and skin animals getting myself all bloody. I get shot-up, making me bloody. I wander through everything from bear schitt to pig poop. I'm a cowboy, riding the countryside doing my thing in an incredible, immersive RPG. That's my role. I laugh aloud when I see guys riding around with plumed 3 Musketeers-like hats, silk vests, wacky shirts and shoes, windowpane patterned pants. And they walk around St. Denis and everywhere else like that wearing outfits I would not wear inside of a blind person's house during a moonless night's power outage. If it's fits you, I love you guys for it--because I love a good laugh during my gaming time. I've even thought of starting a posse called THE RODEO CLOWNS or FASHION NIGHTMARES requiring members to wear the most hideous combinations of stuff available at the tailor shop. I admit I hate getting shot by anyone dressed like that. But if you are going to die, why not die laughing.
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