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  1. 3 hours ago, Reyes said:

    I only do it when it is being done to me, like targeting the person who is doing it. Otherwise, I mind my own unless it is part of a scenario where we are fighting over something. Like two gangs going at each other. If you are just targeting people by themselves who are just fishing or hunting, for no reason... You must be really bored. 

    Exactly the same here... I never start it, but when things happen expect me to constantly harass you until you either leave the game or politely says sorry for disturbing my peace.
    Normally they don't expect a reaction and I got a few whiny messages from those kids about me going overkill. "Dude I killed you once!" YEP, that was you telling me it's ok to kill you how many times I desire aswell.

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  2. 11 hours ago, Poggy said:

    I encountered a couple of griefers last night whose avatars were ghosted out (like PVP respawn) for about a minute - I couldn't shoot them (they couldn't shoot me either), but when I gave up and walked away they 'materialized' and shot me in the back?

    Was this just a very fortunate glitch for them, or some exploit?  Anyone had anything similar?  First time anything like this has happened to me.

    Same thing happened here, a guy did this near a train track, no vendor near him... might be the signpost thing, I need to check if there was a fast travel there. I stood there for 2 or 3 minutes beating him senseless, the punches were connecting on both of us but no damage, when I rode away he became normal again, I was aware he could pull some coward bullsh*t and shot him first as soon as he pointed the gun.

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  3. 1 hour ago, HuDawg said:

    Alot of people are farming police in St Denis.  A friend of mine was doing that last night and gained 10 levels fairly quickly.

    I personally don't care much about levels as i got my favorite guns already.  

    Another way was execution kills with special ammo on the mob from the last mission available.... 30xp per kill about 20 guys. Leave like 8 alive so you don't trigger the boss. Waste your lives, restart checkpoint, everybody back to life, rinse and repeat. 
    It's extremely boring tho, did 2 times and couldn't see why anyone would be ok with that torture for just few levels.


    3 hours ago, YodaMan 3D said:

      Which didn't sound all that fun to me, but no one I come across seems to just want to play the game for fun. 

    By the way we talked on the other asthetics topics you probably already know I'm all up for looking good and fancy... the reason I want fast levels is just to look pretty in nice clothes (Which are rank locked) xD
    Playing "The Sims" is were the fun is for me.... can't wait to have some houses for sale in-game.

  4. 2 hours ago, KRooKeD KRoW said:

    You just get gold nuggets after resetting the award progress. Wondering if theres a limit to how many times it can be reset, guess only time will tell.

    Rumor has it gold payout increases when you get to a higher reset count, I can't confirm it yet, got to the 3rd reset now and still getting 0.05... if anyone got it higher and knows about it, feel free to say something ahahaha.

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  5. 1 hour ago, YodaMan 3D said:

     To me, if you want to talk immersion. Back in that day most people wasn't that pretty.  Especially in the old west...

    I ment immersion when getting into character, but anyways, we will still have not so good looking characters out there, look at GTA:O we could make good looking characters there, I had one and most people I knew that cared for that had one too, but 90% of the other people that didn't had ok characters... it's not like every single person online was a model... mostly weren't.

    1 hour ago, YodaMan 3D said:

    ... Don't get me wrong there was some.  It was rare.

    Yet on single player we saw like 6 of them in the same group of outlaws that lived months in the woods with scraps and were constantly moving.

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  6. 17 minutes ago, Kean_1 said:

    You know what's funny.....  The horse I started out with from the first intro mission was about as good as the Chestnut Arabian I cashed in as a freebie.  Trouble is, now my horse gets taken from me for weird reasons and I have to pay 5 gold bars (I didn't have previously) for insurance.  I wish I would have just kept the other horse for now.  I rarely got stuck with the nag and it was available every time I logged in. 

    Well the one I have beats the one I got from the stealing mission in speed and stamina, I got the worst one from those 4 choices. I didn't know they had different stats when I started so I chose the one I though was more appealing to the eyes.


    19 minutes ago, Kean_1 said:

    .....with the Arabian, I have to go to the stable every time I start a new game to recover it.

    You mean when you call the Arabian the Scrawny Nag shows up? if so, it's a bug... I posted a work around in another topic:

    If that's not what you meant, then ignore this message hahahaha xD


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  7. 3 minutes ago, Kean_1 said:

    ...this is not a P2W economy.  Gold bars (for the most part) are limited to aesthetic items which is what R* said their plans were.

    I hope they stay true to that, and they stop at that Gold Bar horse with better stamina and health stats.

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  8. 13 minutes ago, YodaMan 3D said:

    I think y'all waste too much time concerned about the appearance of a character that you stare at the backside of majority of the time.  I think you need to focus on what you are staring at majority of the day while playing.  Not the part that will be facedown into a pillow.  Just saying.

    Well you may think it's not important. I lived my life playing RPGs so for me Character Creation is a huge deal when available, and when I see the pretty face I used my time and effort to sculpt showing up on MVP screens, Winner screens or mission CGs it makes me feel proud about the work I did, I don't know about the others but that also helps immersion for RP (I've done in GTA) sculpting your face and making it the way you like it helps developing attatchment and a sense on how to portrait that character, like voice and mannerisms, makes me be even more true to the way the character is.

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  9. 53 minutes ago, Nomad said:

    Yeah, I whistle and it says no horse available and that it is sending me scrawny rag, which I have to use to find a stable and retrieve the Arabian.

    Alright, if you do own another horse, this means your horse died... yet he is alive in stables? YES, this is a bug, what I'm about to show is cruel but gets your horse back...a good way to get around is like this:

    Posting the video on spoilers the audio sucks, so if you wish follow the steps below...



    1. Call the Scrawny Nag.
    2. Go full speed into a wall, until it get critically injuried.
    3. Mercy kill.
    4. Left on d-pad, go to Stables, select owned horses, and pay the vet.
    5. Whistle again, your owned horse should show up.

  10. The fact is, it doesn't matter the setting we are being put on, in this time being hit by a meteor in the face when you were born could be a common practice by whoever helped you get out, but that doesn't explain all the other beautifully done NPCs that should've got the same meteor to the face.

    The way things were in 1890 could explain why everyone look like they spent 3 years rubbing their faces in asphalt? Yes, but then again why the NPCs have the faces of someone that didn't... same time, same issues, a humongous GAP in the looks.

    "But 1 out of 100 people were good looking in that time." - I can see that, since all the NPCs are 1 and the players are the other 99.... we were shown beautiful people playing single player, we were shown beautiful people in online, Jessica LeClerk and Allison ( the girl you are suposed to save from bandits in twin rocks are good examples )
    Yet wanting to play as a good looking character seems too much to ask.

  11. So about leaders dropping maps, can anyone confirm the veracity of that statement?
    I've completed a total of 10 hideouts, cleared 6, spared 5  leaders and then killed him soon after the button prompt, and the last I just killed him, no maps for me.... the other 4 where buggyouts where I killed everyone but it never cleared and the leader was just another red blip, no "hat dude" icon.

    EDIT: You missed an hideout near fort mercer, around this area: (or somewhere in that general direction)



  12. 12 minutes ago, The ViceCity said:

    You actually forget that your enemy ALSO has auto aim. You not only have to react fast but dodge your opponents bullets too. That's where the beauty of spin and sidesteps come in, especially on RDR games. You really should see top auto aim players battle, i'm sure if you came to auto aim you wouldn't get a single hit on a top player all game. You could even 1v1 me on PSN and I would bet my house you wouldn't get a single kill on me. It's not as simple as you think.

    So you automatically asume I'm bad because I said free aim requires more skill? I came from 5yrs of GTA:O this aim flick shoot is nothing new, all those headshots you pulled after a week I was doing on day one because of that... if I get anyone diving in front of me I'm killing them from that mistake, I just need to quickly aim again and flick to the right the time they need to get up from the dive I already killed them when they hit the floor.... Also you need to get near me, or I'll snipe you with a rifle because I prefer to free aim... I'm by no means PRO-Plays RDR competition gamer, in fact that adds literaly nothing to my life, I couldn't care less about that and I got better sh*t to do, but you are good I'll give you that and if being good at a TPS is what defines you then spend more time perfecting that and good luck to you partner.
    BTW I actually saw the whole video because I found it interesting, you click bait people with misleading titles or content...
    I would watch another before? Yes because of the content... will watch another now? Nope, the poster has shitty personality in my opinion.

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  13. 23 minutes ago, The ViceCity said:

    Auto aim takes more skill than free aim... That fast reaction time and the accuracy it requires is not demanded in free aim.

    Tell me about the how you are not required to be fast and accurate to shoot someone in the face before they do the same thing to you in free aim... FREE AIM clearly requires more talent because you don't auto lock into someone, you need to actually AIM at someone and shoot, there is no praying involved.


    23 minutes ago, The ViceCity said:

    Yes, it's talented. Only when I say it, I know what i'm talking about, rather than using sarcasm :)

    I'm inclined to think this whole "topic" is sarcasm hahahahahaha xD

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  14. 21 minutes ago, Kean_1 said:

    Well, seems R* has acknowledged the many economy complaints and has chosen to make that one of the subjects of their main focus for an update that will release as early as this week.

    I'm glad they will try to fix the bugs kicking people... maybe I'll be able to play now instead of getting disconnected every third step I take, thanks for the info!

  15. 3 hours ago, YodaMan 3D said:

      If they then have to waste time fixing the cheats and glitches that you abuse, then they may never spend time fixing the issues that originally started you down that road.  

    Now this is how you win an argument, I didn't think about that and it makes sense... right now I'm way too hot-headed with how the online is being handled and how the servers are disconnecting me only when I have some sort of progress just for luls. I guess I will leave and maybe comeback to check if it was fixed or maybe not... What I'll not do is annoy myself with this boring AF griding for another week paying double for something that should me mine already.

    3 hours ago, Poggy said:

    Glitches are tempting, but if boring, why bother?  It's not so much a moral issue for me, as just a I want to play to have fun issue.

    I agree with this, in fact getting money from those ways ruins the worth of achieving my goals, anything that I get doing that turns to be meaningless, BUT I already achieved that goal and I got nothing for it, my prize for playing and earning the money was taken with what I used to get it. I don't want to buy the whole game in a day, I wanted my gun back.

  16. 7 hours ago, PlatypusErotica said:

    Sorry. Yes, I read your whole post. Yes, I read that your gun disappeared. I've played two characters to above level 15 and never had that happen.

    At the end of the day though, you want exploits. If you don't like the way the game is, wait till it releases, don't play the beta. Oh and don't try to act high and mighty when you are sitting there saying "Hey guys, how do I cheat? But don't judge me, yo."

    You don't want to put yourself into other people's shoes then alright, I've done it honestly up to the point where I lost half a day worth of playing by servers disconnecting me constantly, by day I mean in hours I've played a total of 12 Hrs since it released dealing with bugs making my stuff vanish, I wish I had more time to play so all this frustation would cease earlier but I don't, and now I have to do the same sh*t over and over again because that is the only thing that does not vanish when the game decides I shouldn't be playing anymore... like whenever I am, if I go AFK for some reason my character only gets disconnected by inactivity instead of some retarded problem, the system is ****ing me up so I want anarchy... at the end of the day I don't want an edge on somebody else at the end of the day I want my ****ing things back. 

  17. On 12/1/2018 at 8:07 PM, PlatypusErotica said:

    Would you like a legitimate way to make decent money? I know it is not what you asked for but I will tell you anyway.

    Birds. Outside Saint Denis is easiest. Herons, pelicans, loons, ducks. Anything that flies. 40-60 dollars for ten minutes work. Only works during daylight though. 

    Sir, have you read anything I said besides what you wanted? I know legitmate ways, in fact my example was about hunting, the prices are absurd, the way to get money sucks, how economy is being handled is a joke, is it the only reason? No, there is another and that’s the biggest one.... they got a lot of money from sales and the way servers are right now is impossible to play, I don’t mind the grinding and am all up for hunting, BUT like I said, what’s the ****ing point when you spend hours hunting gets disconnected and loose ALL your hunt.

    ”oh but birds are small game and don’t vanish like pelts on horse”

    Now read again my other example of loosing a bought gun when I got disconnected, my money and the gun were gone.

    1 hour ago, YodaMan 3D said:

    Why so you can shoot some honest player who is doing it by the book. 

    I don’t see where you got the idea that people doing this where doing to shoot honest players... I for one only shoot trolls that pick a fight with me without a reason.

  18. 2 minutes ago, Willard said:

    They need to fix this and they will. Everyone is complaining about it. If they want anyone to play this game they just need to fix that. I agree with you its broken, everyone knows that. All im saying is that exploiting smt instead of reporting it will result in progress wipe from Rockstar. Which basically means there is no reason to play rn. 

    I wouldn't worry about wipes, at least from previous experiences, whenever something was exploited by someone on GTA:O they only erased the money from the culprit and not everyone else, they have that system to know who did what and how, so if they end up doing a full wipe because of something like that, they would be only trying to breed more hate between the players. At least that's how I see it.

  19. 19 minutes ago, HuDawg said:

    Whats the money exploit?

    Are you talking about the dirty sheep ****ers?  If you are, thats not really a money exploit.


    Caught one of my friends doing this last night when i joined her game.   The entire farm was filled with dead sheep.   She didn't seem to to proud about it when i called her a dirty sheep ****er.   lol


    Nope, it's nothing like on GTA where you could Dupe items or cars, it's about the same as this "Farming" animals thing, you go somewhere with jewelry, get them, re-join online, you go get them again, there is a house in near Three Sisters that spawns 2 Platinum spots, so the range of one item goes from $1.0 to $2.5...

    9 minutes ago, Willard said:

    Beta´s been here for 3 days. If you expect to be without problems you are naive. Don´t excuse your exploits by state of game ;) 

    Alright, being real generous with my numbers here I've never got that high reward, let's do some math (Which might be wrong because I'm dumb), the best mission gives $10 for 10 minutes mission if you want to get $1000 you're looking at almost 17 hours of grinding. There is a horse costing $950 that's 15~16 hours of griding for a single item.
    Now let's not be naive then and hope R* fix how money is rewarded to the player, so for a casual he doesn't need to spend a week and a half to get one item OR spend Real Cash to speed up the process, let's also hope that R* doesn't shove p2w items in the game with those microtransactions bullsh*t on a game we paid full price for. ( FYI: The Arabian that you can only buy with GOLD has better health and stamina then the other ones that you can get with normal RDO money. )

  20. So am I to wait until they have the good will to fix the server to get money? Have you spent hours of your online time hunting and doing it legitimately so a random error disconnects you and you loose all your hunting progress when you are about to deliver the game? Mind you there is no prey running around 5M from a butcher, you need to go somewhere hunt what you want and go back, doing 1 by 1 just to be sure to get at least one is ridiculous. Or the game disconnects you after you bought a 400+$ gun and when you go back you don't have the gun but your cash was deducted from your wallet anyways?
    Sorry pal this game is constantly sending me "**** YOU" messages, I think I deserve at least a "**** you back" to the game.

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