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  1. Question about the Nokota.

    I haven't bothered with one online because of how it was a bit jumpy in the story mode. Are these horses always jumpy or skittish or something cause I see a lot of people mentioning them being scared of their shadow on the ground and stuff. 

  2. Hunting on busy servers is always a laugh. I was once hunting some wolfs and there were a few people nearby. I wasn't paying much attention, next thing I know, there is three of us pegging the same wolf. Ended up having a shootout over it. Me and the one dude were laughing, the third guy was PISSED. lol

  3. Just going around to my Uncle's for dinner. They switch it off every year. Used to all go to my grandparents' house but they can't handle the load anything.

    Anyone do easter egg hunts when they were growing up? I miss those. Can I be a kid again? lol

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  4. This one NPC that was in one of the developed areas, I can't remember which city... He got trampled by like 3 different horses and stood up and walked into a bar like it was nothing. Another person, I accidentally lightly bumped with my horse dropped dead and I had the law after me. lol

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  5. Someone brought this up to me the other day. I haven't used it in a long time. I think since like the beginning of 2017. I just can't stand all the political crap and arguments. 

    Anyways, someone said the owner recently said something about the numbers which are showing a massive decline in users and people using the social platform as much. A lot of teens and young adults have moved away from it as well. 

    If it is going to die, which I am thinking it might after this next US election... Do you think people will begin to revert back to normal in the outside world or will they begin to flock to places like this? I know forum users aren't common and the ones who use forums typically have used them for like 10+ years now. I wouldn't mind seeing forums become a relevant thing again. See places like this really blow up. So many forums I have been on died out or closed. 

  6. On 7/22/2017 at 9:42 PM, NicNak said:

    I've been playing a lot of Rocket League lately with my boyfriend and I really like the new soundtrack they added this month. 

    May as well post that :)


    Nearly 2 years late on this reply, just had to say I love the albums they picked for the game. I have all of them on my computer, including the newer ones. They got some real bangers on that game.

  7. It is worth contacting them. They don't want to lose players, trust me. 

    I had issues with GTA V myself. After 3 months of playing, I could no longer connect and get online yet my buddy who lived with me at the time on the same internet was able to. 

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  8. Well... I guess this is something else you can have fun with but the issues most of us are having in the game continue which kind of hinders the enjoyment of the game. I keep taking breaks. I didn't even know there was another update till I spotted this thread. I suppose I will check it out later before bed.

  9. I have this happen to me quite a bit which is why I stay close to my horse, sometimes while hunting... this can be rather difficult. 

    I would love them to at least off an alert feature. Like have the horse start making some loud noises and rear up or something. Don't make it so easy for people to take things.

  10. 5fv767g.png.eb864270d0310d35c53964d3f1c17253.png

    As mentioned... This is a fan site. The mods and admins on here are not affiliated with Rockstar.

    That is not to say you shouldn't voice your opinions on here as I am sure people from Rockstar lerk places like this.

    As for the OP issue... Are you playing in SDR or HDR mode?

  11. On 2/2/2019 at 1:51 PM, riptide87 said:

    That looks like the Calloway’s Revolver.

    You get it like this:

    There is also the Canis Canem Edit too.

    How do you get the Canis Canem edit? I have seen pictures of it online but I couldn't find info on how to actually obtain it. Was it part of some preorder bonus or something? 

  12. 3 hours ago, lumper said:


    So after completing all but the very last mission at Beechers Hope, I finally got a crafting fire and now can craft at home or on the road,.

    I still think on my first play through I had a crafting fire from the get go but maybe Im mistaken, I dunno.

    Anyway I have it working, so no worries.


    Thanks for coming back and letting us know. So many people ask questions and just fade off and other people who may be having the same issue don't know what to do. Maybe there was some kind of glitch somewhere that forced you to wait? I don't remember having to complete the last mission before I could craft something... Actually, were you in the middle of a mission? That can block you from doing certain things. 

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