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  1. On 10/11/2021 at 9:33 PM, BellasDaDa said:

    I found my flyer in the Rhodes train station. You have to have completed all quests for Algernon first, then the flyer will become available. Not sure how long it takes, but I didn't happen upon the flyer by chance until long after I completed all missions with him. In real time, with nightly play that lasted no less than four to six hours, I found the flyer about five to seven days after my time with Algernon was over. It's called "Rare Orchids Order". Get that note in your possession, go pick orchids, go to any train station and mail them. It then says to come back in six hours, if I recall correctly.ย 

    I have no idea how old my near-complete 99.8% save is, but it's well over a year old and has been played post-epilogue for hundreds of hours completing challenges, traveling back and forth to moose spawn points trying to get those f**king things to spawn (just two more perfect skins and I'll have crafted all trapper clothing), and generally just mucking around, but I've never found any fliers for selling orchids in any train stations.

  2. The horse dies, so no, you can't use it because it's, you know, dead. If it's one you break in the wild or buy from a stable (such as the white and black Arabians), then you can get another one the same way once free roam is unlocked for John. But if it's a unique horse that can only be acquired one time (like Buell), it's gone forever. Any stabled horses owned by Arthur will also be lost.

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  3. So, I was out strolling one day and decided to go loot that small lakeside cabin southeast of Shady Belle. Been there and done so many times, so I expected to walk away with some canned food, gun oil, and whatever else is normally found there. But today was different and I was treated to this ghastly sight.


    A murder! How terrible! I'm sure he was a fine Southern gentleman, racist as f**k and all, so I decide to investigate and see if I could find the culprits behind this tragedy. I begin my investigation and I quickly find this ... a blood trail!


    It can only be the killer or killers, so I follow it outside.


    So far no evidence like a murder weapon, but what kind of detective would I be if I didn't follow the only lead I can find? A terrible one, I tell you! Anyway, I follow the trail out into the swamp and I find...


    His murderers! Or were they simply guests and murdered themselves by the real culprit? The evidence here is clear and obvious and the perpetrator of this heinous crime clear!


    Yup, mystery solved! But that's not all! Here's a bonus mystery for all of you to solve on your own!


    Just how the f**k did Uncle get his horse up there? ๐Ÿคจ

  4. Spoilers if you don't want to know what Weapons Expert challenge #10 is, I guess.

    But, anyway, I was needless to say a little bit, um ... horrified at the idea of taking on a Grizzly with just throwing knives, but the challenge wasn't going to complete itself. I found a Grizzly pretty easily and luckily came up on it from behind. Lucky me, right? Wrong. I crouched down and applied cover scent lotion in prep to plan out how I'm going take this thing on. The moment I applied the lotion, the Grizzly immediately does an about face, roars, and comes charging at me. In between that and me thinking "OMG I'M DEAD!", I manage to open my inventory and throw a knife.

    Of course, you're probably assuming I got mauled to death, laughing and thinking "Haha, serves that butthole right!" But you'd be wrong, because the Grizzly dropped dead right there. One throwing knife. And it wasn't a poison throwing knife or even an improved one, just a basic one.

    So how about that? ๐Ÿ˜

  5. Okay, so, I did a little bit of looking into the matter of selling orchids and supposedly there's a flyer that you have to get before you can sell them. But I checked both locations I've seen the flyer reported at (the southwest exterior wall of the Valentine train station and opposite the "Services" poster at the Van Horn hotel), but found nothing in this instance.

    Anyone found anything like this? It's supposedly titled "Rare Orchids Wanted."

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