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  1. On 12/27/2018 at 9:47 AM, DBMandrake said:

    Someone has found a new technique for getting outside the map which is superior to getting drunk in a cave.

    This method doesn't require getting drunk and it's possible to take your regular horse with you, which is the first method I've seen which will do this. Basically you camp at a specific location near barrow lagoon - this causes you to set up camp in a normally inaccessible area , from there you can ride your horse over the mountains to Tempest Rim, (also normally inaccessible) and from there simply ride north out of the map boundaries on your own horse which means you have all weapons etc available. 😀



    In this specific video the author also shows how to cross the Lannahechee river east and up river of Anniesburg and get across onto the east side of the map across from van horn trading post etc.

    WIth the cave exploit I had previously tried really hard to get across this river upstream of Annesburg and it looked like I should be able to make it but the strong current meant I could never quite manage it, however this video demonstrates how to do it, showing that it is actually possible, meaning it is much easier to get to Guarma and probably also Mexico.

    I tried many times to go right from the north exit point west around past new austin and into mexico and while I nearly made it it is far, far too time consuming. The method in this video going east and then crossing the river looks far, far easier. Enjoy.


    lol want to know a faster way out of Guarna start a old quest you did in a previous chapter and die and abandon it ...sometimes it takes 1 or 2 tries but sooner or later it puts you right next to saint denis

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