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  1. About us:

    We are an Organized RDR2 Gang looking for like-minded folk to enjoy this beauty of a game with.

    We play the game with a sense of Roleplay. We have Ranks within the gang which are: Gang Leaders, Lieutenant, Enforcer. Etc. 

    The first step to becoming a member of the Gang is to become an Associate. 

    As an Associate, you will go through a probationary period. In this period, you are expected to prove yourself worthy of becoming a member of the gang. 

    All Associates will go through a series of tasks in order to become a full member.

    Associate Rules:

    Must be 18+

    Must have a Mic

    Do NOT disrespect any members of the Gang

    Do NOT shoot any members of the Gang

    We are your only RDRO Gang. If you are caught messing in any other gangs you will be kicked!

    Associates are not to shoot first. Only return fire to defend yourself

    Orders given by the Leaders MUST be followed

    If you bring any problems to the gang, you will be kicked and put on a KOS list

    Must have Discord 

    NOTE: Once you have joined the discord, you will be put in a waiting room. Whilst in the waiting room, you’ll be expected to answer a few questions. These questions are nothing personal. All game based. 

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