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  1. According to Fun 2, this recipe should be discover in a Moonshine camp random event ! but it's already bugged !

    "I found the issue, so basically, this random event is supposed to have one hour cooldown whenever you complete any moonshine activity (includes raids, setup missions, sell missions ..etc)

    The cooldown is supposed to be 3600000 milliseconds which is one hour, but the game is reading that as 3600000 seconds which is one month.

    It should be fixed very soon whenever the developers get back on office."

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  2. it seems that you can remove your offhand holster !

    1 hour ago, CosmoKramer said:

    How much effort is required to collect the cards in GTAO to save the 15 GB for the Collector role? Not that gold is currently a problem but I’ll be getting the other roles started for free so it’d be nice to have a full house...

    If you have a map with location (find it everywhere), 2 hours max for 54 cards hidded.

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