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  1. 11 hours ago, Kean_1 said:

    If you're participating in missions that allow other players to engage you, that's different than "griefing".  There are missions that do and missions that don't.  Higher risk, higher reward but you do have a choice not to choose those types of missions if you don't want to.  

    ok, so how do u know if the mission is such and can you change disallow?

  2. Black water. But you need to be fast otherwise you're dead. This is what you should do:

    1) don't enter blind, use your binoculars from the safe cliff at the border. Once you spot the HH, mark it, and only then should you ride toward it w/ a lasso ready.

  3. 2 hours ago, darthbiggious said:

    I've never been able to get close enough to tackle them, all the guides and videos just have you yelling out to them to get them to stop

    Try cutting him off during his run. He starts by taking off going down towards the road going right, cut him off. You'll be able to. I think u can even get ahead of him. 

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  4. After catching the Legendary Steelhead Trout somewhere near Willard's Crest, North of Annesberg, i noticed that i was in the vicinity of the Legendary Moose.  So i figured why not kill two birds w/ one stone since i'm already there. I finally was able to kill the moose as well, BUT witha problem. I could only stow 1 of them. I hadn't figured that out. Of course there was no way i was gonna leave one behind and come back for it so i stowed the fish and hand carried the moose pelt, hoofed it the rest of the way to Annesburg w/ my trusty steed following close behind. 

    The danger of doing that was i had to pass through Roanoke ridge known for it's notoriety with those weird hillbillies. True enough i was ambushed by 5 dirty dudes with not so purty mouths. Anyways, i killed them all. Made my way to Annesburg to mail the fish to the quest giver. Stowed the pelt and hopped on a train to St. Denis to see the trapper for the pelt and the fence for the trinket.

    Things i had to do in this wonderful masterpiece of a game. I loved the entire journey.

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  5. A creepy place to pass through. There are folk here that have deformities, dirty, greasy, missing teeth, and they seem to be waiting for the devil. They will ambush you and sneak up on you even while you're camped at night. Do not sleep.


  6. 3 hours ago, MrPicard said:

    Yeah I don't understand why they made the Arabian horses THAT small. They're cute tho, I like 'em, especially my dear Black Arabian. And there just aren't enough black horses in the game that come with excellent stats. If only there was a black Turkoman... if only!

    It's not like riding on a donkey tho... there's a donkey at Emerald Ranch sometimes IIRC, try that one out - you'll see it's different, lol!

    Black Turkoman? that would've been horse of the game imo. Ok, maybe donkey is a bit exaggerated. More of a mule then.😉

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