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  1. Up until today,  I could start RDR2 online just by double clicking the RDR2 desktop icon and then choosing "Online".    Today, when I try to choose "On Line", I get a message that I must first log into Rockstar Social Club.  I do so, and then get the message "Unable to connect to Rockstar game services at this time.  Try back later"- (error :0x50000006).   Anyone else having this problem?

  2. During the big town shoot-0ut to free Micah,  I inadvertently pressed some button on my keyboard that changed the view from 3rd person to 1st person.  I have looked at all controls,  looked at camera settings, tried to find a video of changing view to 3rd person on PC and cannot figure out how to do it.  This is a real pain in the A**.  On horseback,  I am in 3rd person, but as soon as I dismount,  it goes to 1st person.  I would much rather play in 3rd person.

    Can anyone give me some help on how to do this?

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