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  1. 22 hours ago, C20Dragon said:

    To answer your question, I think you do get more xp for killing players for 15 mins compared to wining the race.



    I essentially do the races for gold so it's better for me to just play and win them ^^

    I didn't noticed that it was worth it at first but if you wait those 15 minutes after finishing in 1st or 2nd or 3rd, you can get 1.08 gold bar, so it's maybe boring but it is a fine consolation ^^'

  2. Hello !

    I'm a new player from France, 25 years old. At first I joined this forum thinking it was an official one to find help about a problem ingame xD

    You guys made a great work building this site and you seem to be nice so I'll maybe try to participate more, so the least i can do is to introduce myself. ^_^

    Have a great day and see you later here or IG :)


    It is sure that they do this on purpose cause I see players doing this for hours. I'm not talking about someone who leave for just 1 game. They're not getting kicked because they are turning around endlessly, I imagine they put an elastic on their joystick xD

    17 minutes ago, C20Dragon said:

    If they're AFK for the 1st race & notice the same players are AFK in the 2nd race. Hell, just sit at the starting line & kill them for 15 mins. That's free xp & kills. 😁

    It really makes you earn more to stay and kill them than finish first ? O.o

    I've seen players do this but I never tried, such a boring way to play...

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  4. Thanks for your reply, and sorry for violating the rules.

    Too bad you don't know how it works after reports, I'd be happy to know how to qualify this exaclty, I mean is it an inapropriate behaviour or a cheat ? Also, I'm not sure my description is really accurate to help devs understand what's going on, but I can't write them a whole book everytime I report. ^^''

  5. Hello everyone,

    There is currently some players totally ruining the game by staying AFK on horse races (cause those events are 3x boosted i guess). The problem is when you have 8 person doing this and 3 people only that are doing the race, we sometimes wait for 15 minutes to end the race....

    Here's an example:


    So my question is, is it useful to report them ?? I usually report them for cheating and in the description I call it ''AFK glitch'' or '' AFK leeching''. But it is really making me upset to see them everywhere and wait 15 minutes between 2 races and I feel like there's nothing we can do, not even kick them, and when we succeed to kick them, they just come back...

    Sorry if my english is not perfect and thanks for reading me

    A whiny new player :)

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