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  1. Double-action is faster in aimed fire but the Cattleman is faster in hip-fire, so if ROF is your goal and you're not dual-wielding I'd go Cattleman.

    Personally I love the Navy for style and the Lemat for the extra four shots. Those extra bullets can really turn the tide.


  2. As far as waiting for a full transport load, you will make more money but it does require more waiting time (obviously.)


    Another strategy that people use is to do a sale as soon as they have 1 single good available. You won't make as much money but you get just as much Trader Exp for the Sale as you would for a full Sale. Using this method you can rank up the Trader Role pretty fast to get all the unlocks, and then the unlocks make earning more money easier.

  3. Howdy there, partner. Name's NexusSix29, but you can just call me.... NexusSix29


    Longtime gamer, love both RDR and RDR2 and spend way too many hours playing RDR Online.


    Hope to see you fine folks around, ya hear?

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