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  1. I've been joining random posses as of late to counteract the levels of griefing currently in game and to complete stranger missions easier. Half the time if the posse isn't trying to grief it's own players they are fanny-ing about doing close to nothing so I decided to make my own permanent posse but set it to public so others can join and help me. 

    So far though (three days straight) I've not had a single randomer join my posse, is this a bug with permanent posses? I had no issue with players joining when it was temporary.    

  2. 1 hour ago, Kean_1 said:

    Just witnessed it myself a few days ago.  Tried looking online to see if anyone has provided any details on how it's accomplished.  .....no luck.

    I'm just going to report it and hope others are doing the same.  I heard someone mention that it may be tied into stranger missions and takes more than one and a posse to make it happen.  While I think the mechanic is likely tied into it, I'm not so sure his answer was the solution.

    Spent some time trying to find it too and the only info I cold find was related to the stranger missions (likely we've seen the same video) and a reddit post that states something about hard resetting your console over and over, but that sounded like a "delete system 32" type troll. 

  3. There's a few scattered about the map you can clip through, when climbing on the roofs in Saint Denis you can glitch through somewhere near the gun shop. I also saw a video yesterday of someone doing it on the docks in Saint Denis near the stables.  

  4. On 12/27/2018 at 10:24 AM, Poggy said:

    Shame.  Collecting herbs has now become doubly worthless.

    I wonder if anyone will do the canoe travel challenge ten times, lol?

    For those ones you may aswell as do the xp reset glitch, no way am I ever going to travel 10,000 miles by canoe 😂

  5. 3 hours ago, IudiciumDie said:

    Killing their horse is going to be my new reaction to griefers. 

    Griefers, Kill me for no reason, I kill you and your horse!

    That's the first thing I do to trolls 😂. Nothing more satisfying than headshotting their horse then throwing dynamite as they fall. 

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  6. Joined a random posse last night and the leader was in the tailor in Blackwater so I decided to browse the catalogue too. Upon returning I got a notification that my horse had been killed, I checked the map and saw there was only one other person in Blackwater. I went over and killed them only to discover they were AFK, strange I thought but oh well.  

    I then went to help the leader of my posse with a mission they had started when they decide to turn on friendly fire and shoot at me mid mission as I'm trying to help them!  We got attacked by a rival posse mid mission so my small brained friend actually stopped and assisted me briefly. Slightly annoyed by my leaders actions I go to the shop to restore my ammo when bam same thing again; "your main horse is dead". Then the penny dropped, my own posse leader was the one who killed two of my horses.

    Words can not express the great vengeance and furious anger that I brought down on that fool,  he even got a friend to assist him at one point and they both got owned over and over in a 2 vs 1. 

    This is about the 4th incident like this I've had in as many days. Good job trolls never seem too bright, nor particularly competent at pvp.  

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  7. Had a similar experience to this one yesterday, I've been joining random posses as of late due to the lack of content and entered a group of trolls who were intent on trying to attack new members. After 10 minutes of failed attempts to kill me (geniuses didn't have friendly fire turned on initially lol) they preceded to kill my horse. 

    Now I'm not big into pvp but I have my perks all upgraded and fight smart, what preceded was the longest kill-streak I've ever had. These buffoons got killed around thirty times each in a 1 vs 2 situation, they failed to kill me even once. Feels great when the trolls get trolled.  

  8. A combination of hunting and stranger missions seems to be the fastest way to earn money for me, if you have any unidentified stranger missions (marked stranger) I believe there's still a bug where it puts you in a solo session after completing it. If you don't have any left sometimes I manage to get in a solo session by afking for extended periods during quiet hours but it's a little random has to when it triggers. 

    From there you could choose to hunt entirely in peace or blast out stranger missions over and over and over, I've used this method tonnes of times and have made well over $500 a session. 

  9. As far as I can tell your honour won't get any lower than 0, I was farming kills in Saint Denis for each weapon type (for the challenges) and soon as you skin a couple of animals or make honourable choices in missions your honour starts to increase. 

  10. Yes I think the ultimate take away from this for me is to avoid messaging abusive players in future, as for preventative measures I've been following similar guidelines to ones recommended on these forums since day one, that's most likely why this was my first real negative experience in RDO. 

    Going back to your earlier point though Kean while it is true I was in violation of Mircrosoft's service agreement by using hatespeech/abusive language; those guidelines are in place to prevent the harassment and abuse of vulnerable or sensitive individuals. Not only was I not harassing nor abusing the player (in fact the opposite was true) I highly doubt the player was even offended by my minor use of vulgarity. It's pretty evident he abused the report system to further abuse and harass me so I do take issue with the implication that I did anything wrong at all. 

    I also take issue with reporting anyone for vulgarity unless of course is part of an unprovoked series of harassment, being sent mean words online just isn't that big of an issue for me. You're entitled to have a different view on this of course. 

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  11. 2 hours ago, Vaderspupil said:

    Found out last night that your camp may keep you safe from being shot, but it won't  protect you from being lassoed and hogtied. I was crafting at my campfire when an asshole did that to me from behind and I couldn't  shoot him due to us being in camp. He did accidentally step in my campfire once and lit himself on fire. That was amusing and I did manage to bait him out of the camp and shoot him in the head, but he still wouldn't leave me alone, so I ended up changing lobbies.

    Wow seems like that's somewhat of an oversight, I'll have to be careful around camp too now I suppose.

  12. Had a pretty annoying interaction with a group of trolls earlier, I'd just completed a mission when bam spawn killed. I decided to track down the individual and proceeded to kill him over and over until he learned his lesson (which wasn't hard he was terrible at pvp). Next thing I know I have four of them descending on me, I was low on ammo, on foot and on pretty flat land with very little cover. They easily killed me at a ratio of 5-1 for a good 30 minutes but I refused to let these idiots demotivate me, when my ammo finally depleted I messaged the leader and told them that "if you f**s want to keep 4 vs 1 like tough guys I'll be right back soon as I got more ammo". 

    Guess what that little sh*thead decided to do? He reported me to Xbox live for using abusive language and now I have a message ban for 24 hours. Can you believe that? I get harassed and then banned for my troubles. Moral of the story: be careful what you type to these trolls and keep it clean no matter how annoyed you are.   

  13. 1 hour ago, Vaderspupil said:

    I thought the Black Arabian was supposed to be the best horse? I want to get it as soon as I'm high enough level. I already have the gold from all the free gold I got for playing the beta. In the meantime, I'm happy with my Red Chestnut Arabian, I got for free just for being a PS4 player. BTW, what's the best saddle?

    Apparently there are hidden stats like your horse's bravery (how easy it gets spooked), the Arabians while boosting impressive overall stats tend to get spooked easier than either of the two breeds mentioned in the post.  It's definitely debatable which one is superior, I used all three in SP at different points and they are all great horses. 


    11 minutes ago, HooverRAD said:

    The Turkamon is the total package. Speed, health, and stamina. Because its multi classed, it doesn't get spooked as easy, and can gallop like the wind too. The decider for me, however is its size. It looks like a horse and not a pony, and trust me... Size matters. :P

    It certainly has that girth if you know what I mean 🤣, I'm definitely leaning toward the Turkoman.  


    6 minutes ago, DLKnives said:

    Could I have the old horse? I can't even get that yet! LOL

    If I could gift it you I'd do it in a heartbeat. Imagine if they implemented an horse auction function in RDO, one can dream anyway. 

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  15. Just unlocked both of these horses and I need an upgrade to my thoroughbred so I was wandering which one would you recommend? 

    I preferred the Torkoman in single player as I found the speed difference negligible but having a faster horse will likely be a huge benefit in free roam. 

  16. 11 hours ago, HooverRAD said:

    I wonder if the Nat thingie work in this game too.. Anyone tried? 

    I was browsing Reddit and other RDO exploit forums to find out how to trigger the solo sessions (had it happen twice without knowing how) and apparently users claim that doesn't work. Haven't tried myself though. 

  17. Did a similar thing myself last week, pre-update I was farming the pigs and sheep in valentine and stumbled upon a fellow gamer taking down the sheep. I decided to shoot all the sheep for him so only I got a wanted level and he could skin in piece, after losing the law and returning I let him take all the skins and grabbed two of the carcasses he left.

    Not going lie though I'm not always so altruistic, no doubt someone has me marked as a troll for some of my more violent sessions.  

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