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HDR Bug?


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What’s up y’all so I’m loving Red Dead 2 expect my graphics are blurry or “washed out” my tv settings are correct the ps4 pro and tv are both set to limited (Samsung KS8500) is my tv. I’ve noticed a few reddit threads stating the same issue for both consoles. I’m curious is anyone else having this issue I’ve been told playing with HDR off fixes the issue for now and actually brings more vivid color to the game. So I’m doing that for now until hopefully rockstar comes out with a patch.

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Yes I have noticed the same thing, i think it is totally random too, I have a ps4 pro running on an 49 LG 4K HDR TV, and it looks blurry as hell, but my friend has nearly the exact same LG as i do (his is a 2017 model,while mines a 2016) and it looks way better. None of my other games look like this,such as the Witcher, HZD, Spideman to name a few. I hope they patch it, because after seeing his and then going to mine, its so noticeable now.

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I am on a ps4Pro with 55” LG C6 OLED in HDR-game mode. Same problem. But not as bad as some of the pics I’ve seen posted!!!

I'm not seeing pixelated fuzz, I’m not seeing motion stutter, tearing or latency... just blurry sometimes.

And at different distances like it doesn’t know where to focus..

Uncharted 4 in 4K hdr looks better than this... (clarity and HDR-wise)

Rockstar you need to acknowledge this openly. Because all the footage I saw that was supposed to be PS4 pro before launch looked a LOT better.

this isn’t good for Sony. And just kinda underhanded feeling from them and R*.

Im pretty disappointed.

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