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What did you name your horse?


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I have 5

The original horse u get Tennsee walker which I can't seem to part with...lol amazing how u get attached.

I have the two extra content  

Racehorse named Secretria

Warhorse named Lucky strikes

Arabian white named Elsa

And a Hungarian horse not named at the base camp.

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From the first mission where you go to the stable, I have been using the Thoroughbred that came with special/ultimate edition (not sure which gave the horse as i have the ultimate edition).  Since it has a sort of mottled steel look, and I gave it a silver mohawk mane and long silver tail, first thing that popped to my mind was "Steely Dan", so that's what I named it.

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So my son and I had a conversation about RDR2 and it lead to talking about horses.  I asked what he name his horse, he gave me some crazy name.  Then he asked what I named my horse.   I asked why he name it that.  "I don't know, just seemed right.", he says.  He asked what I named my horse and I said Ford.  He then asked if that was the horse that got shot up when I enter that one town.  I said, "Yep,."   He starts laughing and I asked why he was laughing.  His response, "Cause your horse was Found On Road Dead, Ford.  You get it dad?"  


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Sooo, after playing for some time with my thoroughbred which I named Steely Dan (as I stated above),  the horses have been bugging the hell out of me with how stupid they can be.  Haven't gotten one yet, but when I get a Missouri Fox Trotter (one of the high end horses with better speed, stamina, etc. according to the Strategy guide), I'm hoping it let's me name it "dipsh*t", although the game probably won't let me use that, so I may end up just going through synonyms for that until I find one it let's me use.

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I kept the starting Tennessee Walker horse. He looks like a Paint horse (I believe the stats call it "Mahogany" or something) but I named him Prince, because Prince was the name of our first horse when I was little and he was a Paint. My Dad got him from our neighbour for $40 and a bottle of whiskey - true story! He lived to be in his mid 30s! He was old when we got him, about 22 years old. 


My in-game version doesn't like when I shoot from his back lol. 

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