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Self defense not allowed?

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On 11/19/2018 at 6:18 PM, Kean_1 said:

That whole are over there on that coast and through the Roanoke region (where the hillbillies are) can be brutal.  Seems you mess with one of them there, all the locals join in.

I had a similar issue in Van Horn where I antagonized someone due to the lip he was giving me. Thought I would get in a fist fight, knock him out and continue on my way.   .....well, as soon as he got pissed enough, he threw a punch and then several others joined in.  Guns inevitably came out and then I was in a fight with the whole town trying to get out.  

In contrast, not all towns are like this but this region is. Had the same problem in a small hillbilly village when I decimated the whole town.  .....screwed my whole moral gauge on that one but never got a bounty.  No one ever threatened to go to the law but seemed to take matters into their own hands instead. 

I'm sure this is by design and I like it.  ....gives a feeling of variety.  I don't react to things in this region the same I would in others. 

Also, those Murfee Brood(?) boys are all over the place.  I was attacked 3 consecutive times my first time through there.  I was literally fighting my way out of the region.  ....barely made it but luckily most of them were on foot.  Fun stuff.

Van Horn is brutal. There doesn't seem to be any police force there - the locals just take things into their own hands instead of reporting you and are itching to pull a gun.

Similar to you, I bumped into someone in the bar, got into a fist fight, then everyone in the town got out their guns to go after me. I hid behind a stack of boxes near the south entrance to the town mowing everyone down until everyone in the town was dead, no bounty, nobody running away to report me. If you wait a couple of minutes more angry mob will spawn at the other end of town and come after you again. You can repeat this indefinitely until you run out of ammo or run away. At no point did I get a bounty.

The towns folk are sure angry with you after that though, I'm not sure if there is any way to "make up" with them since there is no bounty to pay, perhaps after enough time they will forgive you. I ended up reloading a save as shooting up the town multiple times over destroyed my honour rating. :)

I agree that different towns and areas behaving differently to your actions makes it more interesting.

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