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Is there more to gun stats?


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I've been looking at gun stats vs. prices, and there seems to be a big disconnect. For example, going by stats alone, the Carbine Repeater seems to be much better than either the Lancaster Repeater or the Litchfield Repeater. But the Carbine is also the cheapest of the three. Is there something else going on? Are the others more upgradeable or something? 

I'm not one to min-max or anything, but this did get me curious.



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Well the Lancaster Repeater has I think 14 bullets mag, that's a big plus when you consider the time that it takes to reload and how often you have to do it. That's just what I've found out, maybe there is a another reason to it that I haven't discovered. When it comes to upgrades, there really aren't any, there a visual upgrades and you can upgrade the barrel for a small improvement, but that's it, the only way to I guess improve a gun, is by just simply getting other types of bullets, high velocity, etc...


Hopefully that helped hahah

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