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Question for Xbox One X players

Cowboy Pup

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I am loving the game so far and have experinced hardly any bugs and FBS drops on my Xbox One X. But there is one thing that happens to  me when I load up the game. My fan in my Xbox gets very loud. My Xbox is silent when I play a different game but when I play RDR2, my Xbox sounds like a jet getting ready for take off. Is anyone else experiencing this? Or is it just something wrong with my console? 

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I would ask: do you have your console set into a Home Entertainment table/shelf? If the console is in a semi-closed area (even if you think there’s enough room on the sides for it to breathe), the way the X1X vents can create a cycle in a semi-closed environment. Mine was starting to regularly become loud because I had it set onto a shelf, and it was creating a cycle where it was taking in the hot air it was discharging, causing it to overheat and become loud. I moved the console off  the shelf and on top of the entertainment shelf system, and it hasn’t made any unusual sounds since; she can now intake and output into the open air rather than into a semi-closed area.

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