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Do you think there will be prostitutes?


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3 hours ago, xenomorph287 said:

Hopefully we can do more than stare at them(and maybe tie them to train tracks).

Yeah if only because we were deprived in the original game! Could be that we play a bit before John gets married (that is if we play with John).

We've spoken a bit about this already over in this thread here:


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On 5/8/2017 at 0:31 AM, Suck3rPunch3d said:

There will be for sure. I am not sure how far we can interact with them. They didn't have strip clubs back then so it wont be like GTA V but maybe bringing one in the back of a horse wagon... that would be funny! 

LOL I would have a lot of fun with that one! I am not sure how much they will allow us to do with them outside of them walking to a room with us. 

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