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Which revolver do you prefer?


Which revolver do you prefer?   

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  1. 1. Cattleman, Schofield, or Double-action?

    • Cattleman
    • Schofield
    • Double-action

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6 hours ago, Paladin said:

Man there are a lot of misconceptions about real firearms here.

The AR in AR15 is for Armalite, the company that Stoner worked for. AN automatic rifle has its selector switch AUTO-SEMI-SAFE.

NO American firearm has EVER been made this way. In fact the ONLY major firearm made this way was the AK47 which they quit making in 1961.

The variants since all have different designations.

Now back to the old timey firearms. The Colt SSA came in one caliber 45Colt. The 44-40 WIn was a proprietary caliber used only in Winchester firearms.

The 1873 was made in 45/70 first, then in pistol caliber (44-40) later. 38 Special is past the time period, and 357 mag was invented in 1936 by Elmer Keith.

I have all his books. I reload his round, its still one of the best 38/357 rounds made.

All pistol caliber carbines prior to 1895 were made with rimfire cases and black powder.

I have shot all of the copies of all these handguns in my life time. You go watch fast draw or 3 gun cowboy and you will see nothing but Colt SSA copies.

The tip opens were faster to reload, but nothing is faster to fan fire than a Colt SSA. I even had a 1969 Ruger Blackhawk, it was darn fast, but the Colt SSA beat it every time.  This is not judgement, this is I did it actual shooting. I gave up fast draw do to age and arthritis.

What misconceptions?  The argument your making about the AR acronym was precisely the point that was brought up here.  

......and then you're taking some of my remarks out of context. The reference to .357 / .38 cal. was regarding what I might have considered in a current production Winchester  73.

Some other points.....

When Winchester introduced the 44-40 it wasn't soley used in Winchester arms. It was in fact adopted by other manufacturers who made variants chambered in this caliber which included S&W (as I had already mentioned when I referred to the Schofield), Remington, Marlin and yes, even Colt (e.g. the Colt Frontier).

Also, you're probably talking about the 1873 Springfield Trapdoor that used the 44-70 cartridge. I was talking about the Winchester Model 1873 that used the 44-40. See below for reference which also includes a bit about the original 66 design using the Henry rimfire cartridge like I said.


Also, the 44-40 used in the Winchester Model 1873 rifle (which was also a pistol caetridge) was in fact a centerfire cartridge (not rimfire).

I don't mean to sound harsh but I want to make it clear that there were no misconceptions here on our end in what you tried to point out as being such.

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1 hour ago, Abysstic said:

A good overview, range time, and some historyby hickok45


Yeah, I really like his videos.

.....park your horse.  lol


btw, good visual example too of what we were talking about that kicked off this whole side discussion.  It's way faster to unload a Schofield.  .....and arguably reload one as well as you are not required to rotate the barrel and the entire cylinder face is open.

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