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Exit by a pursued ego mission problem


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I'm having a problem with this mission when I go to make the potent predator bait, its greyed out and im forced to restart the game which is very frustrating. I have downloaded the latest update 1.05. If somebody can please help me with this it would be greatly appreciated thank you.

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Hi mate, this might help (although I barely remember this far back in the game!).

You're crafting at a camp fire right?  Make sure to select the "show craftable" option, as I've noticed with coffee, even if you have it available it will only let you make a brew if you select this "show craftable" option.

I hope this helps and you can progress in to this amazing game.  

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16 hours ago, bg60316 said:

Damn, still not working, really frustrating


I replied in your other thread, but in case you missed it....


 I had this problem too. Fortunately it's easy to solve if you're playing on Xbox. You need to force close your game by pressing the little button to the right of the white xbox button on your controller right and then select  'quit game' (or whatever it says) I'm at work now, so can't do it). If you're playing PS I don't know what the button is that you need to press, but try and do the same thing, force close the game When you play the game next time all should be good. 

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