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Lock breaker


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On 12/29/2018 at 11:07 AM, Preacher said:

 I have received a lock breaker but not sure what to do with it online has anybody used it if so can you pass on any information please don’t know what to do with it 

I'm rank 65 and never seen a need for it. I am assuming after the beta they will become useful. 

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3 hours ago, bluntTR4P said:

I have one and didn't know anything about it so I held on to it. So it has some use right now then? I haven't come across anything that prompted me to use one. 

That was stranger mission,  which is recover stolen wagon. So, what inside that lockbox is remain unknown & mysterious. Because need lock breaker. Hehe  😂

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1 minute ago, Wwkingms said:

so far ive gotten.. biscuits and regular ammo.... a waste right now

Is that it? Thank you. Almost buy it because part of me believe there is gold in lockbox. Damn..


If I am youtuber,  i'll make video about this & the video title will be,

"Get rich with $1000 in one day with this glitch lock breaker & level up xp......"

with thumbnail pictures of large red arrow pointing on biscuit, ammo

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