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Have You Used Any Of The XP Gliches\Exploits\Work Arounds?


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I used to try a lot as a kid, but stopped. I never look for them anymore, but if I happen to see an article or thread about one online, I'll read it to see what it does and usually how to avoid it.  Especially with online games, I don't wanna risk getting banned, and sometimes you can get stuck in some glitches and ruin your game if you mess it up.  Like in WoW before flying in Azeroth was introduced, I did the glitch to get under Stormwind,  and when trying to get out of it, I messed up the jump and was falling forever, couldn't hearth or anything to get out of it for hours.  Think that was the last time I ever tried using a glitch.

Think I remember hearing about some people getting their GTA:O account banned for trying a glitch in story mode, and R* insisted that it was warranted and wouldn't reinstate their accounts.  Not 100% on this, though, or even if it is true, if they would do that with RDO.

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On 1/8/2019 at 12:55 AM, DylBandit said:

I used the gold glitch in story mode. 

i tried that one, could only get 2 bars on the xbox.  so it wasn't much of a glitch.  You get that and more from the various treasure hunts.  Haven't bothered with any others, i think they take away from the game rather than enhance it.  Some games glitches/exploits are fun though.

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