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Online Quest Issues


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I have noticed that sometimes the stranger Quests in Online Mode will not activate after conversing. But here lately, it has just gotten worse. The Sherriff in Tumbleweed quest icon has went dark for days on end while other Strangers are lit up orange and when you start the quest, it give you nothing to do. Anyone else having this problem? And when will it be fixed?

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Mine varies by the day. This morning I just did 3 orange quests in a row, no issue. Yesterday I had 4 different failures in a row, where the orange quest either didn’t provide a mission, or failed to put me in the cart, etc after extending me the mission.

Whenever I log in and don’t see the orange quests or have a quest offerer grayed who shouldn’t be, logging out and back in has always fixed that for me, however.

I’ve given up on trying to detect a pattern. Quests are bugged at multiple levels. Too many variables to sort until they fix a couple of the underlying bugs.

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