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Looking for/create a regular EU-based Posse group (Xbox)


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Looking for a Persistent posse to join. Tired of doing random Posse joins and going no where. I can do that alone, thank you very much. Interested in Missions (Stranger or Main), Hideouts, with occasional hunting or fishing. NOT INTERESTED IN GRIEFING!!! Don't mind fighting back (especially during a mission) but not interested in any Posse Wars. 

I have a mic. Playing on Xbox One. Ranking 35. Living in the Netherlands; central EU-time. Playing daily several hrs during the day.

Please inform me how to join/contact.

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Hi Herta

I'm in the UK and have a persistent posse - "Violent Femmes" (because my character is a girl - I have a vision of a full 7-strong girl posse riding around, like a punk version of the Spice Girls, but with revolvers!) 

However, I haven't got round to any active recruitment yet, so the 'girls only' rule seems superfluous, so don't worry if you don't fit the demographic.  Friend me and we'll try to meet up online. I do tend to play at night (10pm-1am, typically) so that might not suit you.

My interests sound like the same as yours, so it could be a good fit.  I'm rank 71 (maybe 72, not sure) at the moment.  I'm generally honourable, although I do have a soft spot for doing Sean's missions.

Hope to see you online.

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