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Legendary Animals in Beta?


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27 minutes ago, jnaron_ngc said:

Thank Y'all!

Who gives this side mission and where, please?

I don't recall for sure but if you hover over one of the peach colored missions icons, it will tell you the types of missions they give out.  One of them will say something along the lines of hunting an animal.  Certain quest givers usually give specific mission types.  Sorry, I just don't remember off the top of my head at the moment the details.

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It would be cool if they added some in some form of posse raid/story mission maybe? Hunt down a legendary cave bear, track a puma and kill it with a Native American tribe, etc, etc

they could drop craftable pelts, teeth, claws, special ammo, increase or decrease honor.

I would also like to see Legendary Gunfighter raids story missions whatever.

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