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Change your clocks tomorrow, 'Merica.

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(Technically not tomorrow, but Sunday in the AM)

I always forget so I am reminding you all that tomorrow we have to fling our clocks an hour ahead of time (screw you Arizona!) and lose an hour of sleep. This is the part of the year I hate more than anything. For the next several weeks I feel like I am not getting enough sleep. Well, the change happens at 1:59 AM and jumps to 3AM here, not sure if it does that everywhere or not. 

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If anybody wants to read something highly sardonic and can read sarcasm in writing I recommend you look up Ben Franklin's letter on daylight savings time and laugh how much of a joke he was making! In my opinion he is rolling in his grave busting his stitches at the fact that we still change our clocks! Make sure you're looking on a. Gov website

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i'm spoiled  i don't change my clocks.  my microwave has never been set, my oven is 5 hours or so off from power blips lol. 

I have an atomic watch that auto updates, but the alarm is too quiet to wake me up on it.  so i use my cell phone for my alarm, and it auto updates also.

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