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I'd love to buy a dog, or two, to use for hunting and defence.

R* could accommodate the ownership of dogs in a similar way to that of horses.

Someone mentioned their upkeep..

Dog food, specifically in the form of dried dog food, is an invention from the 20th century.  Prior to its invention dogs ate scraps and bones. 

🤔"Ummm what can I use to feed my RDO dog?"..

🐶'woof growl whine bark'

🤔"What was that lassie?"

🐶'WOOF GROWL WHINE BARK (humans! can't teach em anything!)'

"Oh you mean we could give our dogs on some of that mangy meat that no one eats instead of just using it for bait, wow lassie you're so clever".


There are unused herbs and flowers.. "This item's use is unknown yadda yadda".. these could be used to heal our dogs if they got injured.

Just like the new emotes system, we could "buy" dog tricks and skills, such as fetch, lie (both useful for hunting), seek and defend.

R* could charge a daily kennel fee in the same way they do for stables and camps.

The dogs could use a similar bonding / grading sytsem as horses.  For example, low level dogs might run away from or cringe at conflict.  They might not be able to find they bird you just shot out of the sky.  Level 4 dogs would not only find lost birds (thus helping to solve an issue currently prevalent where animals vanish after being killed) but attack rabbits and npc's on command. 

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On 3/15/2019 at 10:46 AM, pluck3 said:

i see some dogs in the games , when we read description it said good for hunting etc , just wondering if we will be able to buy a dog to hunt with us someday 

Interesting idea. If that did happen. I can see us having to pay for it's upkeep. Which could be a hassle due to the game's economy.  

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22 hours ago, SNAK3S said:

I would like the option. I mean even if the doggo only serves as a camp guard or for alerting us someone is approaching. 

I would love this as an option whilst hunting. Imagine having your dog with you and sitting near you but off in the distance taking cover. He can be watching your horse and your back. If he barks, it will let you know another player is approaching you or your horse so you have time to defend yourself. 

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I played some game years and years ago called Silk Road Online and there were monkeys and squirrels you could buy that did all your looting for you. Worked like a charm too. So having hunting dogs that could retrieve birds and small game should be easy peasy to add. It would be awesome and totally realistic as far as immersion goes. 

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