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What is it? macros?

Noisy Doc

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I would suggest contacting R* if you want to report a player or issue like this.  Unfortunately, I had to take the link down as this sort of falls into the "naming & shaming" rule. 

If you can blur out the other player's name or wish to describe what you see, that would be fine.

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5 minutes ago, Noisy Doc said:

Ok. Player twitches, as if very quickly crouches and gets up.

This is new to me but I wouldn't be surprised if this was an exploit they were using.  In either case, it appears you still were able to kill them.  

I would report it to R* though since because if it wasn;t an exploit, it surely is a bug:



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No it is not a lag, it is done intentionally, I watched such players, and it was visible that they include something. They do this, to can't be shot in his head.

It's not lag because they don't move, they twitch in place.

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I have seen it a handful of times I think and it makes it kind of hard to handle the player. Like if they are like this for me and not on their screen, kind of gives them an unfair advantage. Like I struggle to shot them if one is shooting at me mid-spaz.

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