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Looney Dan

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Mine was okay I suppose. Nothing to write a novel on or anything. That video did make me laugh a bit. I remember seeing this back when Vine was still a thing. My buddy kept playing it over and over again when he was high. lol

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On 12/28/2017 at 11:53 PM, DarkShark said:

I wanna be a cowboy too. Never watching this before. Wasn't much for vine but I just sent the video to my brother. He is at work (male nurse) so I am hoping he opens it and it plays loudly in front of some of the staff. 

Would love to hear what came of this. I do this kind of crap to my brother all the time. He gets so pissed :D

As for Christmas. It was just another day with a few more people, a few less arguments, and random gifts. 

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