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Condor Egg - Free Roam Event


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I finally got to play it yesterday too - thought it was a complete waste of time to be honest. I guess if you find the egg its great but you have 1 chance in however many people join the event and everybody else gets just over a dollar and dumped in the middle of nowhere for their trouble.

Free Roam Events need to be worth you dropping whatever you're doing to accept the invite, being prepared that you'll lose what's on your horse, probably lose your camp, and find yourself in a part of the map you didn't want to be. The Condor Egg lottery doesn't have that draw for me.

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50 minutes ago, Ozy8753 said:

 well done for winning bro, there is also bandits what I was killing & looting they had a lot of loot on them.

I assumed there would be bandits as it said you only have 1 life but I didn't even see any NPCs. Guess I went the wrong way but didn't see any point following the crowd of players around.

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