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Daily Challenges 14/10


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Why is it that train challenges always seem to bring out the tosser in people online? Yesterday just after I got online and saw what the challenges were I had a train passing so jumped on to kill 5 birds. Straight away another player (blue dot) jumped on and came at me, killing me then killing the driver and stopping the train 100m further up the track. Clearly no intent to do the challenge himself, only to prevent me from doing so. This isn't the first time I've had this happen.

Later I had some player start shooting at me when searching for violet snowdrops in Roanoke. I assumed he would be pleased I'd just killed the cougar enabling us both to search in peace but instead he took exception to my presence (did he think my picking the flowers would remove them from his game?). Shot him dead, and again when he returned then he chose to ride off so we went our separate ways.

I generally take the attitude that the majority of players aren't wankers so don't have a shoot-on-sight policy but people like this make me think that I should. What stops me is that if everyone online took that attitude the game would be unplayable. I've never had too many problems with other players online so my policy usually works but sometimes taking my attitude and using defensive mode seems to me to put me at a disadvantage. I don't get too hung up on it - it is the wild west and I don't really lose anything from getting shot by idiots but I feel there should be more of a penalty for players that are just out to spoil the enjoyment of the game for others. There is no real consequence to being a complete **** in the game.


Also, did anyone else have any issues with bird eggs yesterday? I had 3 spots where there was no sign of any eggs where there should have been. I've already sold the collection several times over so I know all the places that eggs can be hiding, they just weren't there - no vibration, no anything??  

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