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8 hours ago, nshanny73 said:

Menu -> Progress -> Roles -> For Xbox One, press X to enter your Collector's Bag... weeklies will be the 1st tab listed, easily identified by the countdown timer in red

That's what I was talking about - hasn't appeared in there since week 1. Maybe a PS4 bug.

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21 hours ago, Jimblob said:

Where do we find out what Mdm Nazar want's for the weekly collection.

The weekly collections always appear in the Collector Bag for me on PS4 so it is not a PS4 issue overall. I also have it pinned to the user menu along with other key collector items for quick reference. As I recall, the weekly collection was pinned to the menu automatically for me from the beginning.

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3 hours ago, Jimblob said:

Hey there Kean_1 sorry about the duplicate post. I reposted as I could not see it on the list of post's and assumed I had a senior momment and had exited without submiting. 🙄

No prob...  I have quite a few of those myself.

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