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Rockstar Launcher GOLD ?


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Eagerly awaiting PC release .. all the hype has made me really look forward to playing the story mode all over again (for the 12th time now) as well as starting from the beginning with a new online character.  A lot of work but this game on both of my consoles has seriously kept me entertained for a year now. 

I have a question about the Rockstar Launcher, however .. I assume they will have some kind of store you can access for Gold purchases?  I know I am not supposed to BUY gold bars, however, when it comes to my online character I really want to set up from the start with the right horses, the right guns, favourite clothes etc. plus buy the Outlaw Gold Pass and all of the new roles which as you know are 15 gold bars each.  I have pre-purchased the game VIA the launcher so I will have 50 gold bars to start but you know how fast that money goes .. LOL .. especially buying all of the tools and camp stuff you need for the roles.  They have to have a store, right?  Else they would be missing out of all of that extra revenue from idgits like me with nothing better to do with my credit card.  LOL LOL ....

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3 hours ago, Jammin Jim said:

I am assuming they will have an option to buy stuff on the launcher after the game is released. Like on Steam, games will have the option to "Buy" whatever and it takes you to the launcher to complete the purchase. 

This is what I am thinking. You'll have the option to buy in game and it will just have a pop-up window to make the purchase. Pretty standard with a lot of PC games. They aren't likely to go live with it until the game is officially launched though if they do have a web address to buy stuff.

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