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5 Second Freezing every 2-3 Minutes


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Hey lads, same issue here with my RX 570. Game runs agreeably enough most of the time but stutters like you mention.

In the attached image I got a short example of one of the spikes. GPU usage drops right to zero, but CPU shoots straight up for the spike, then they both immediately return to normal. I can't tell if the spikes happen more often when the GPU's rendering a lot of stuff, but it doesn't seem to be affected by it. The spikes just happen whenever.

So far I've tried turning almost all settings down or off. I've turned off volumetric raymarch resolution, which everyone says is really intensive. I've tried a bunch of other fixes from the compatibility menu too, put the game up to high priority and tried running it as an admin. Still broken, though.



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22 hours ago, harvester687 said:

You sure that you running the game on DirectX 12 and not Vulcan. I honestly followed this article, changed the api and the frequency of the freezes went down by a huge margin.

I was getting horrible stuttering during the game's intro and controlling Arthur in the snow following Dutch. It was so bad and unplayable I had to quit out of the game. I found the guide you linked. I only changed the API from Vulcan to DX12. And holy smokes it fixed things for me! I only played through the first mission with that cabin. God damn the game's music is great, isn't it? But I'm going off topic. 

Anyways, I spent the rest of my time experimenting with the settings. I even tried maxing all the settings out. Got around 30fps @ 3440x1440 in the snow with Dutch. Then switched it back to the default graphic settings. Which said it went back to Vulcan and locking the Advanced graphics mode. To my surprise, the game played normally. It was getting late and I called it a night. 

I think one of the recent Doom games I have uses Vulcan API. And that played fantastic on my rig. So I suspect, like the article above says, that it has to do with the game not being properly optimized. I have faith R* will patch and improve things. 

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