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How to configure controls to move forward/backward with mouse buttons?


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In any 3D game I always like to customize my controls and set the left and right mouse button to move forward and backward. However I can't seem to do this in RDR2 (Windows 10). 

Am I doing something wrong, or looking in the wrong place or something? How or where can I configure this?

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I had a little trouble with the Keyboard Configuration in Settings for the game. Using the mouse to select something, to change it, was inconsistent. Sometimes it worked, and sometimes it did not with making the change. Weird, huh? But then I figured it out! 

Here is my example. I wanted to configure the default key for Push to Talk fron the 'N' key to my mouse 4 button (the one closest to my thumb). 
I used the Arrow keys to scroll down and select that box for 'N'. It looks like there are 2 boxes. So I think you can assign 2 keys/buttons to it.
I used the ENTER key to select that box with the 'N'. The highlight changed slightly to indicate it was ready to receive my new choice.
I hit MB # 4. It took the selection.
I think you then have to hit the key at the bottom right to confirm you change, so it takes.

If later decide to reset things to they're default values, then I think it does that for everything in you settings. 

If you try to assign it a key/button already in use, it will give you a warning about that. I think it will get rid of the old choice, and now use your new choice. 

Also, using the arrow keys now allows me to adjust gradually the Graphics setting for (Performance/Balanced/Quality) slider. Using the mouse didn't work.

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