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Keyboard Commands List ??

Doc Holiday

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I am having the worst time locating any confirmed list of commands for the PC version of this game RDR 2 . I am  currently in hand to hand fistfight in Valentine and I have NO clue how to punch or defend (block). It is very frustrating that this basic info cannot be found on Rockstar  site or anywhere else for that matter? Anyone have any help?

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Doesn't the options have a page showing which keys / controls are bound to what?  Also, there is a way to remap the keybinds, etc. like in GTAV apparently:


If you still can't find what you're looking for in the menus, I would suggest submitting a trouble ticket with R* Support and / or feedback through their Feedback site suggesting they publish this information or direct you to where you can find it:


.....or perhaps someone can chime in a direct folks to a site what has them listed.

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