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dead or alive on new austin


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i've been playing only side missions for days on chapter 2 (i decided to not do more main quests for a while) and i decided to explore all the map.

i managed to explore all black water without much trouble, i even hunted and picked pelts while i was being hunted :) ...but then i started to explore new austin but looks like there's snipers or something there that kill me in one shot.

is there any ideas on how to explore new austin while marked as dead or alive?

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6 minutes ago, Kean_1 said:

IIRC, that region is blocked until you unlock it later in the story.  The wanted level and relentless attacks are the way they keep you out instead of invisible walls, boundaries with timers and the like.

oh! i see... i imagined that but since i was able to completely explore blackwater i had some doubts. in that case it's better to keep it unknown for later anyway :)


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