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1851 Navy in story mode?


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I've found the LeMat, FN 1900, and Evans, but I can't seem to find the 1851 Navy. I've been to all the gun shops and they don't seem have it. Is it hidden somewhere?

I know it's been added to story mode, because I have two empty slots remaining in the compendium and Micah's revolver is the only other weapon I don't have.

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On 12/15/2019 at 6:08 PM, Parzival said:

Okay, it turns out that slot is actually for the High Roller version of the New Army & Navy, which I found at the Emerald Ranch fence, and not the 1851 Navy. Kind of disappointing, because I would have actually used the 1851.

Yeah when I found this out I was bummed. It seemed like this is what you were meant to get. 

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