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Moonshiner Help

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I am having trouble getting the Moonshiner to load.  I am Level 5 trader, I have at least 20 gold, and I have seen Ms. Fike at Emerald Ranch.  When I go to the screen that has the picture of the Moonshiner and press x it just goes to the black and white load screen for hours.  

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Well, there have been several issues with servers, missions getting stuck at loading etc, since the new update. So it's probably related to that. If it happens consistently, sending in a support ticket is probably your best bet.

That said, the Moonshine shack costs 25 gold. I wouldn't think not having enough gold would cause you to get stuck on the load screen... but who knows.

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Moonshiner role is a joke right now. With the mash starting over and losing $50 almost every time and then the moonshine is ready and it sticks on the loading screen causing you to lose everything that way or when you finally get to do a run and it one bump in the road and lose 10 bottles of shine. It`s crazy right now  lol. Also i`ve learned to turn in my pelts for my Trader role before trying a Moonshine run. When it sticks on the loading screen you lose all your pelts as well so it`s a double whammy.

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