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Daily Tasks?


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Yes.. what flu007 said.

I would add do not hold it down or it will open the catalogue... so just tap it.. as said.

From there a menu will pop up that allows you to do a lot.. join posses... switch your character to defensive mode  (online options)... visit the stables and call your vehicles...

It also has a section with a number beside it of the daily challenges.

Which is an easy way to make gold for if you do 1 (do at least 2) a day for 21 days each task becomes worth .5 gold.. and then it adds up several gold per day on average.   Some tasks include things like "pet a dog", "feed a horse", eat 3 stews, kill 5 flying birds, sell 3 items to nazor, etc... some are so simple it is easy to log on daily for a few minutes to fulfill at least 2 tasks.

Good luck.

Tap left as flu007 said.


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