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Buying Gold Bars via the RockStar Store

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After grinding the Bars for Trader, I attempted to purchase some gold bars to offset some of the grind by getting the Bounty Hunter and Collector Roles as well. So I merrily clicked away and was disappointed the icon spins but no final purchase transaction is made. Two weeks later, I have exhausted suggestions by the Steam Support, and they are pointing at R*. I'm inclined to go along because it took over a week for R* support to reply. Essentially, having me do all of the same things Steam support suggested. No joy as of tonight. I am wondering if anyone else has failed at trying to give RockStar their money? Other than the disconnects, and loading screens that don't, so you have to quit and restart the game, I am really enjoying it.

I would like to get the other roles going though, because hunting can get dull after a while.

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3 hours ago, liquidfire said:

That is most likely down to a connection error which can happen on any online game. Rockstar takes a long time to respond anymore, used to be 3 days tops now you are lucky to hear back from them in under 10 days, if you even do get a reply. 

Well, lots of Steam purchased games have successfully allowed in game purchases. I am hoping it's just an issue that can be corrected, but so far, nothing.

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Meanwhile, perhaps a few tips to speed up the grind.

- Daily challenges. There are 7 a day, giving 0.2 gold each. But if you complete one a day for 7 days in a row, that increases to 0.3 gold per challenge. 14 day streak, 0.4 gold, and 21 days, 0.5. So it pays off to focus a little on that. Especially once you unlock more daily challenges for each of the roles. (3 per role, and there are 4 roles, so once you get to level 10 in each role, there are a total of 19 daily challenges, each paying 0.5 gold when you complete them. You'll never have to buy gold anymore when you get to that point.)

- Free Roam missions, aka Stranger Missions (the icons with the silhouet of a person.) Those are generally not too difficult, and they all pay a little bit of gold. However, there's this sort of counter-intuitive thing with them, as they pay more gold the longer the mission takes. So rather than completing the mission as fast as possible and get, for instance, 0.08 gold, you can wait to complete the mission until there's less than 30 seconds on the clock and get maybe 0.38 gold. When it's a mission to recover a stolen wagon, for instance, the area just outside the drop off point is a safe zone, so you can safely wait out the clock there. (I learned this tip on this forum as well some weeks ago and it significantly sped up my gold gathering process.)

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