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Fast travel complaint


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Starting at camp from the main menu never worked for me - i end up in endless loading screen or disconnect. Setting up camp is almost impossible for me since few days. Y-day was the worst - camp not starting, disconnects, moonshine shack not starting up delivery mission or empty without NPC's - nightmare. Did i mention no animals and dead world ? And that annoying snow...... 

And why they didnt add fast travel from Moonshine shack ? Bcoz they r idiots? I really dont know....

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28 minutes ago, CosmoKramer said:

Starting game from camp used to work for me but more recently it’s put me the wrong side of the map and in a camp that has the icon but none of the facilities. 

This happened to me for a few hours the other day. Icon is there and I'm clearly standing in camp, but there's nothing around me but the stewpot and the campfire. I think I might have a video of it and I might submit it to Rockstar. Launching into camp works 50% of the time for me. It's like flipping a coin.

As for the op's question about fast travel from the shack, this is why I have mine in the heartlands...Emerald Station is about a 12-second ride away to get to a fast travel. I understand that not everybody will want their shack there, but one reason I chose the Heartlands was to have a fast travel location nearby.

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