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Why I hate Facebook, or Hello Again


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Recently Sony has de-linked Facebook on the PS4 so you no longer can share photos to your account. The problem that I have is that I used a Facebook account that I have for my gaming clan to sign in to this forum and now it has been locked by Facebook. S0, my original tag, "Redstaski", is no longer able to login until I clear things up with Facebook. I still get notices from my previous postings here to my e-mail account, that hasn't changed.

The long an short of it is, this is a new account but it is the same old me.

Not into PvP, into co-op, relaxed, laid back game play. Currently I am lvl 156, lvl 20 collector, trader, lvl 15 bounty hunter and level 3 bootlegger (I keep drinking the product lolol). Most days I am online for a couple of hours, usually 6:30 am or 9:00 pm Eastern Standard Time zone (Toronto, Ontario). If you are looking for a hired gun or wish to join my posse, send me a message on the PS4 (Redstarski) and introduce yourself and yes, I use a mike. Please, no kids, I am an adult with an adult's sense of humour ;)

PS4  ID:  Redstarski

RED DEAD 2 ONLINE POSSE:   Etobicoke Creek

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I can talk to the admin to see if there is a way to reset your password on your old account. .....or I can close the old account and let you use this new one but I will have to close one or the other either way. Let me know.

EDIT: didn't hear back from you. I suspended your old acct and sent you a msg. PM me if you want to try to keep the old one vs. this new one and I'll help you.

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