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Story mode crashes


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Hi All,

Have not played story mode for a while as I have been working online, but thought I'd have a go to finish it over the new year.

Unfortunately, it won't load at all.

The first few attempts of going straight to story mode caused the game to crash saying I needed to reboot and restart - did that 3 times, with no improvement. I then went into online mode, which worked fine, then switched to story mode from online . . . it's been over half an hour and it's still trying to load.

In between, I verified the installation and got no errors.

Anyone else having the same issues?

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This is not an issue I am familiar with. Are you sure your computer isn't blocking anything? Make sure all folders/files for the game and the Rockstar launcher itself are not being blocked by any kind of virus or firewall on your computer. You can also try changing the resolution and lowering your graphics. The intro scenes might be crashing it. There is also a chance your save file was corrupted. Can you start a new game?

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