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No, it was for it was for Cripp's trading. I relaunched after posting here and my camp does no show where it is on the map. This game is becoming unplayable. I have a 3 month old PC with an i9 processor and Xfinity ISP that averages 600mbps.




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Has nothing to do with your hardware. It's just Rockstar's servers. They've been having a lot of issues since the last patch, as I'm sure you know. You could potentially solve this by choosing to block Rockstar's ports. It will prevent other players from reaching your lobby and will let you set up camp normally, you have to be in a solo session first before blocking the ports.

You could also empty out your lobby with in-game methods temporarily, certain missions and using change appearance will force you into one temporarily. I often used temporarily solo lobbies to perform deliveries with moonshiner because I was just having way too many issues with it loading. Getting rid of every other player solved my problem.

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