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GTA V Discussion Thread

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1 hour ago, Coyote said:

Yeah you really can't make friends on console anymore. I used to be able to in certain games but it is so much easier to be social on PC for most games.

I dunno.....  I've made some very good friends on PS that have lasted a long time. We still game together when new games come out, keep in touch, etc.

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Rockstar is making their games so large and detailed at this point that they take a lot of resources to develop (RDR2 especially with every studio under their umbrella contributing), and while I love

Especially if they have to leave out the booze-fueled orgies.

I typically adjust my NAT settings on XBO and it force lags everyone out of my session so I’m alone. Doing this it typically keeps it to just me unless I invite someone. Then it’s like the floodgates

If we are talking specifically about GTA V online, it can be a struggle to meet chill people on console but on other games, I have made friends as well. One guy is still in touch with me even though I don't play on console anymore. He actually got Steam and a few games. We probably play something together once or twice a month and I met him on console in like 2008. 

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On 2/17/2020 at 7:31 PM, bluntTR4P said:

I played last night with a few people. Shocked the game is still as active as it is. I know there was a clear hacker/modder in the lobby though which was annoying but he didn't really bother us.

It is still active likely in part because of the modding and hacking lol

I know there were some people online not too long ago making money off people for dropping cash in-game. 

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On 2/14/2020 at 8:26 PM, SageNinja said:

I still don't get what they were thinking by pushing merch. Up until they started giving the game away, no one I know had even mentioned it in the last 6+ years.

Money probably. There are some people out there who loved the game, still do to this day. A friend of mine is one of them. They just wanted to milk the cow I guess while it was relevant. 

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I imagine that Rockstar are putting a lot of learning into the COVID-19 enforced remote working and working out how this affects productivity.

Interesting how that IGN article makes no mention at all of the COVID-19 situation and just assumes that everything is normal.

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