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I am in chapter 6 and just finished "Icarus And Friends". At the end of the mission Sadie tells Arthur that she will meet him at a pier northwest of Sisika Penitentiary which is the next Mission "Visiting Hours" I start the mission and Sadie is not at the pier?  I'm stuck at this point because Sadie in not at the pier. Did anyone else have this problem?  

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On 1/15/2020 at 2:28 PM, OleTimer said:

That's it KoiiBoii, It was not saved on the game that I played. Going to replay the mission and make sure it saves. Thanks for everyone's help.  "Shoot um straight"

I have done this before. I can't remember the mission but I had been playing for several hours and was dead beat tired. Didn't realize I saved to a different file and thought I lost like an hour's worth of progress. I was so aggravated. I did play through it again but a week or so later, I realized what I did and wanted to kick myself lol

Glad the issue got sorted for you.

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