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Hi there!

I got the problem that if I fail at a mission and the black screen comes with the options "Retry Mission", "Retry Checkpoint" etc. I'm not able to chose any of the options

The mouse and the keyboard are working, but the screen stays at this status (but no crash).

The only way to get out of this status is to open the Task Manager and to kill the Application

Does anybody know the reason for this?

Thanks in advance!

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Yeah, I saw this thread and although the OP may be a PC user, these types of issues people have been experiencing with black screens, errors, etc. are not necessarily unique to that platform. I usually move things that are definitely PC-specific like certain setting, hardware, PC related issues, etc. which is why I left it here. .....but I do revisit if they tend to go that route as well.

Either way it's basically a moot point as the OP has already said it was his own fault so I didn't see a need to.  

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