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Laptop goes into lock mode while playing RDR2


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Hello Guys,

I just got the game from steam and I am facing a very peculiar issue. Whenever I start playing the game,after some time my laptop flashes with the locking screen and goes into sleep mode. It is pretty irritating since I cannot play the game with my laptop going into sleep mode everytime I start it up. My specs are as follows : - 

Core i7 7700HQ  2.81Ghz

8 GB Ram 

Graphics - Nvidia GTX 1050Ti 4GB 

Windows 10 Home 64 bit

I fulfill the minimum specifications criteria of the game. I just cant seem to figure out what the real issue is since it only happens while I start playing RDR2. I even tried to lower the resolution just to see if the graphics memory was the issue here but no luck. Any help would really be appreciated since I would really like to play the game more than just a few minutes before my laptop automatically goes to sleep :( 


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Assuming you have your settings in order, which I would imagine you do given you know what is in your laptop, it sounds like it may be forcing this do to a heating issue. I know some of them run hot and force sleep/hibernation to protect the computer. Do you notice it struggling at all to run the game?

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Mine is doing the same thing.  I've been playing the game for a year. But it just started flashing lock screen too and shutting the laptop off.  Nothing has changed other then the latest patch from the game. Laptop stays plugged in and is on high performance and I have it set to do nothing when plugged in so the computer never falls asleep till I tell it to. It never struggles with the game. Also laptop is connected to a monitor. 

Update 12/10: Did a sleep study in command console and it confirms laptop was going into hibernation. I disabled hibernation thru the command console and now it is going to sleep instead. But cyberpunk 2077 is running on ultra no issues. 

Update 12/12:Reinstalled again... played for maybe 10 mins laptop went to sleep still. Looking at an OS restore at this point.

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